ROADS '09 Submission Deadline: June 15th

PlanetLab Europe researchers are being encouraged to submit proposals to ROADS '09: 4th Workshop on Real Overlays and Distributed Systems.

PlanetLab Everywhere Workshop, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The OneLab project will participate in the workshop "PlanetLab Everywhere - Brazil: A blueprint for disruptive technologies" on April 20th 2009 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

This workshop will explore several new directions to expand the use of PlanetLab as a whole, in addition to providing an overview of its current status.

PlanetLab Europe Video Tutorial: Installing a Node

The first How To tutorial (Installing a Node) is available.

Dummynet and Wireless updates

PlanetLab Europe has enhanced the network components available for researchers. For the full story, see this article on the OneLab site.

PlanetLab Europe Videos February 2009

PlanetLab Europe has begun a series of informational and tutorial videos. The first video is a quick introduction to PlanetLab and PlanetLab Europe. The videos are both embedded on the PLE site and available through DailyMotion and YouTube.

ROADS Workshop, December 9-12 2008

The 4th ACM International Conference on emerging Networking Experiments and Technologies (ACM CoNEXT 2008), was hosted by the University Carlos III of Madrid. The conference was a forum for presentations and discussions of novel networking technologies, which are shaping the future of Internetworking. PlanetLab Europe was represented at the ROADS 08 Technical Program.

3rd GENI Engineering Conference, 27-30 October 2008

Timur Friedman (UPMC), Scott Kirkpatrick (HUJI) and Max Ott (NICTA) attended the Geni Engineering Conference at HP Labs in Palo Alto, CA. At the meeting they met with members of PlanetLab Central, Akihiro Nakao (NICT) of PlanetLab Japan, and others.

PlanetLab Tutorial at FIREweek, 10-12 September 2008

Elliot Jaffe (HUJI) presented a specially developed PlanetLab tutorial at the FIREweek event in Paris. It provided an opportunity to walk through every stage for PLE testbed, from creating an account through running experiments. It demonstrated the usefulness of PlanetLab Europe for those interested in testing applications and protocols in a real-world setting, with actual network latency, bandwidth, and failure modes.

The tutorial is available on the FIREWorks site.

PlanetLab Developer's Workshop 13-14 May 2008

Thierry Parmentelat (INRIA) and Scott Kirkpatrick (HUJI) attended the PlanetLab Developer's Workshop in Princeton, New Jersey.

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