PLE Video Tutorial: Registering a New Site with PlanetLab Europe

PlanetLab Europe welcomes companies, universities, and research laboratories across Europe to join the testbed. We are supported by the European Commision through its 7th Framework Programs, FIRE initiative (Future Internet Research and Experimentation). We encourage other FP7 projects in this area to participate, and offer special terms for those which do. For research project to take advantage of PlanetLab Europe is it only necessary for one or more of its partners to be memers of the PlanetLab Europe consortium.

PLE Video Tutorial: Adding Nodes to a Slice

(A new version of this video is available at:
The video is also available on the PlanetLab Europe Channel on DailyMotion and on YouTube)

PLE Video Tutorial: Renewing a Slice

Slices have a finite lifetime and must be periodically renewed. A new video demonstrates how users can renew their slices.

IEEE P2P Conference, September 9-11 2009

Jeannie Albrecht is presenting "PlanetLab-P2P Testing in the Wild" at the IEEE P2P'09 Conference, Wednesday, 9 September, late afternoon session Evaluation Tools session.

Job offers

PlanetLab Europe is pleased to announce two job opportunities, Chief Testbed Operations Engineer and System Administrator. Both jobs are 12 month contract positions

PLE Video Tutorial: Assigning Users to a Slice

A new video explains how Principal Investigators assign users to a slice.

PLE Video Tutorial: Creating a Slice

The newest PLE tutorial video explains how the Principal Investigator creates slices.

PLE Video Tutorial: Local Infrastructure

The newest PLE tutorial video explains the four roles required at each PlanetLab Europe site.

PLE Video: OneLab project video

Serge Fdida presented a OneLab project video at the FIREweek 2009 in Lulea, Sweden.

The video summarizes how OneLab is furthering FIRE objectives by making developers of distributed computing solutions and services more effective, by providing federated access to PlanetLab and other private testbed networks, as well as monitoring and measurement services.

Update to 4.3-rc10


  • Rerun initscripts when a slice goes from disabled to enabled.


  • Sort "Last Contact" column on node list pages.
  • The interface no longer supports the generic CD or USB image. Systems using the old "CD + floppy" approach should burn a new CD specific to that machine.
  • Node view includes the MAC address and this can be edited.
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