A special welcome to PlanetLab Users From the US

You may have read Larry Peterson's recent announcement that PlanetLab in the United States is shutting down at the end of May 2020. PlanetLab Europe remains open for business, and continues to grow, signing up new sites monthly.

If you are user of planet-lab.org, we welcome you to planet-lab.eu!

Not only that, we are evolving, and migrating to EdgeNet, which will be the third in a series of underlying architectures for PlanetLab Europe. Having begun with Linux VServer before moving to LXC, we will now enable you to work the way people do throughout industry today: deploying Docker containers using Kubernetes.

PlanetLab PIs from planet-lab.org, please e-mail us at support@planet-lab.eu, so that we can set up your site here. Users without a PI, please also contact us, and we will do our best to help you as well.

Timur Friedman, President, PlanetLab Europe