Demonstration Video: Testing the ARGOS Monitoring Equipment

This video demonstrates ETOMIC bundle creation and test for the Argos Monitoring Equipment.

PLE Video: Installing Advanced Network Monitor Equipment

A How-to guide to installing the Advanced Network Monitor Equipment, the Argos Monitoring Equipment.

PLE Video Tutorial: Adding Nodes to a Slice

Improvements in PlanetLab Europe have made choosing nodes easier. Users can select nodes for their experiments based on reliability, load, and autonomous system. MySlice, a project launched in the context of OneLab to assist users in choosing nodes that are appropriate for their needs. MySlice uses information provided by CoMon and Team Cymru. A user can now select nodes based on reliability, load, and autonomous system. Any user can add nodes to slices. This video explains the three stages in an experiment and how to add nodes to a slice.

QShine 2009 Conference

A paper on the network integration of an OMF-based wireless mesh network in PlanetLab will be presented by OneLab2 researchers on November 25, at the ICST QShine 2009..." ICST QShine 2009, the Sixth International ICST Conference on Heterogeneous Networking for Quality, Reliability, Security and Robustness, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain).

NGNM 2009 Conference

A paper on network emulation was presented by Roberto Canonico (CINI-University of Napoli) on October 28, at the NGNM 2009 workshop in Venice, Italy.

The paper, "Link Multiplexing in a Xen-based Network Emulation System" was authored by Pasquale Di Gennaro, Roberto Bifulco and Roberto Canonico, (Universita' di Napoli Federico II).

PLE Research Published

PlanetLab researchers will have an article published in monthly journal, Europhysics Letters (EPL). The article, "Shortest path sampling of dense homogeneous networks", is written by Márton Pósfai, Attila Fekete, and Gábor Vattay, researchers at ELTE.

The three authors also published "Shortest path discovery of complex networks", by A. Fekete, G. Vattay, and M. Pósfai, in Physical Review E (PRE), June 2009.

PLE Video Tutorial: Changing Node Outgoing Bandwidth

By default, your PlanetLab nodes are not bandwidth limited. This video demonstrates how to may change the outbound bandwidth limits of each of your nodes.


Marta Carbone and Luigi Rizzo (Universita` di Pisa) are presenting a poster at the ACM CoNEXT 2009 Conference, in Rome, December 1, 2009. Their presentation, Adding Emulation to PlanetLab nodes, will be part of the Student Workshop. It describes the work done by UNIPI as part of the OneLab2 project to add in-node emulation to PlanetLab nodes.

For more information on the conference, ACM CoNEXT 2009.

PLE Video Tutorial: Switching Node Boot State

The Operations staff at PlanetLab remotely maintains and administers your nodes. There is usually no need for you to become involved in day-to-day maintenance, although you may occasionally be asked to reboot. You may also need to temporarily remove you nodes from PlanetLab to repair or upgrade your nodes. This video demonstrates how Tech Contacts can switch node boot states.

Packet-Tracking Service on PlanetLab Europe

A new packet-tracking service is available for PlanetLab testbed users. Each user can now inspect the network traffic of her/his experiments with packet or flow resolution.

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