Everstats in the Public Domain

Everstats is now public domain and available.

This site includes an issue tracker and source control system. Feel free to download from here, or to suggest improvements.

Everstats is currently covered by a BSD license.

PlanetLab Europe Video Tutorial: Enabling Users

A video tutorial for Principal Investigators is available on How to Enable Users. The short video is a step by step guide to getting new researchers enabled on your PLE site. The video also provides a short overview of some of the Principal Investigator's responsibilities.

PlanetStats Available

PlanetStats, the monitoring site for PlanetLab Europe is now available. PlanetStats monitors user activity on PlanetLab Europe. It creates aggregate data on a daily basis for activity on PlanetLab Europe. PlanetStats provides graphs and reports on PLE activity including information on nodes, slices, CPU usage and in-going and out-going network bandwidth.

Here is a live report showing PlanetLab Europe Slices active over the past seven days, among other information.

OneLab and PlanetLab Europe Briefing Video

A new video overview of the OneLab project and PlanetLab Europe is available. Prof Scott Kirkpatrick (HUJI) explains the scope of the OneLab project large-scale distributed network testbed.

MyPLC version 4.3

PlanetLab has released a new version of MyPLC. The new version represents a major upgrade from version 4.2 MyPLC version 4.3 was codeveloped by Princeton and the OneLab project.

Improvements with the upgrade include an entirely reworked user interface and a more flexible data model. The API is not 100% backward compatible but brings new generic features for handling heterogeneous types of resources like nodes and interfaces.

Everstats Service

The Everstats service is up and running again. The package collects slicestat data from PLE nodes and maintains it in aggregate form in a local database.

The Everstats system is live and public.

PlanetLab Europe Video Tutorial: Generating an SSH Key for Mac or UNIX

A new video tutorial is available. This tutorial covers the general issues about SSH Keys and PlanetLab, but is geared for Mac and UNIX users.

PlanetLab Europe Video Tutorial: Generating an SSH Key for PC/Windows

A new video tutorial is available. This tutorial covers the general issues about SSH Keys and PlanetLab. It is geared for PC/Windows users. There is also a tutorial for MAC/UNIX users available.

ROADS '09 Submission Deadline: June 15th

PlanetLab Europe researchers are being encouraged to submit proposals to ROADS '09: 4th Workshop on Real Overlays and Distributed Systems.

PlanetLab Everywhere Workshop, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The OneLab project will participate in the workshop "PlanetLab Everywhere - Brazil: A blueprint for disruptive technologies" on April 20th 2009 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

This workshop will explore several new directions to expand the use of PlanetLab as a whole, in addition to providing an overview of its current status.

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