Unwanted Traffic From PlanetLab

If you are visiting this website because you are receiving unwanted or unrequested traffic from any PlanetLab node, please use the Search Form to identify the researchers responsible for the traffic, and report your complaint to them.

The PlanetLab Support team support@planet-lab.euis copied on all complaints, and will ensure that your concerns are addressed in a timely manner. If you are unable to determine the source of the traffic, please contact PlanetLab Support support@planet-lab.eu. Feel free to direct any additional concerns or questions about PlanetLab to this address.

If you have received UDP traceroute packets from a number of PlanetLab nodes, you or another user on your network may have recently accessed a website cached by the Coral project, which runs on PlanetLab. Many websites, including Slashdot, regularly post "Coralized" links to popular content. Coral actively probes its clients using a fast traceroute-like tool, to determine the nearest proxy for its clients to use. If you do not want to receive such probes, discontinue accessing URLs that end in .nyud.net:8090.

If you are receiving HTTP requests from PlanetLab nodes, users may be accessing your website through Coral or CoDeeN, another content distribution network that runs on PlanetLab. If you do not want your site to be cached by Coral or CoDeeN, please contact the maintainers of Coral or the maintainers of CoDeeN directly.

If your intrusion detection system (IDS) claims that a PlanetLab node may be compromised with a virus because of traffic that it sent you, the IDS is likely to be mistaken. All PlanetLab nodes run a custom version of Linux, not Windows. Each node boots from secure immutable media and is installed with only the minimum amount of software. All services, such as Coral and CoDeeN, run in virtual servers that, even if compromised, remain isolated from the rest of the system. PlanetLab Operations staff work full-time to monitor and ensure the security and integrity of the network.

Researchers using the PlanetLab network are bound by an Acceptable Use Policy which forbids malicious or disruptive behavior. Additionally, all PlanetLab nodes are secured and actively managed by the PlanetLab Europe Operations team.