PlanetLab Europe Membership Agreement

PlanetLab Europe is a consortium established to administer the PlanetLab Europe testbed. The PlanetLab Europe testbed is an overlay testbed; part of a worldwide federation of interconnected testbeds that are designed to allow researchers to experiment with networked applications and services that benefit from distribution across a wide geographic area. All uses of the testbed should be consistent with this high-level goal.

The PlanetLab Europe Consortium is supervised by a Steering Committee consisting of “Steering Committee Members”. The Steering Committee is presided over by Université Pierre et Marie Curie – Paris 6, known as UPMC Paris Universitas (“UPMC”) with the assistance of INRIA as Vice-President.

Direction of the Consortium is ensured by a Director General, who is a representative of UPMC and who operates under the authority of the Steering Committee. The PlanetLab Europe testbed consists of a set of Sites that provide resources to the testbed in return for access to the testbed. An institution that wishes to host a Site becomes a User Member of the Consortium by signing the present Membership Agreement, which consists of an Acceptable Use Policy and a set of Terms and Conditions of Membership. This agreement is signed between the User Member and UPMC after decision of the Steering Committee.

This is the PlanetLab Europe Membership Agreement as of June 2009, and is presented for information purposes only. In the case of any discrepancy between this text and the text of a signed agreement between the PlanetLab Europe Consortium and a member of PlanetLab Europe, the signed document shall be considered as binding.

The full text of PlanetLab Europe Membership Agreement is available here.