EmanicsLab Testbed Federates with PLE

We are pleased to announce the federation of the EmanicsLab testbed with PlanetLab Europe (PLE), and other testbeds in the EmanicsLab is a private PlanetLab testbed, and is managed by the Communication Systems Group at the University of Zurich. Originally funded from 2007-2009 by the European Network of Excellence for the Management of Internet Technologies and Complex Services (EMANICS), this European research network is now an independent entity, controlled by the EmanicsLab Consortium. The network currently consists of 20 nodes at 10 sites across Europe. EmanicsLab partners use the network for research activities in the area of network and service management, including distributed flow collection and analysis systems, distributed intrusion detection systems, and distributed monitoring and accounting systems.

After a collaboration effort between teams at UPMC and University of Zurich, yesterday full federation was achieved. From now on EmanicsLab users will be able to use PlanetLab tools and resources in their experiments, and vice versa, increasing the scope of the services offered by OneLab, and allowing EmanicsLab users access to hundreds of PLE nodes spread across Europe and elsewhere.

The federation was achieved using the PlanetLab implementation of SFA (Slice-based Federation Architecture). SFA is an emerging standard for networking testbed federation, and the PlanetLab implementation of SFA was developed jointly by OneLab partner INRIA (under the direction of OneLab Technical Director Thierry Parmentelat) and the University of Princeton in the USA.

Federation with OneLab is an opportunity for testbed providers to optimize their facilities. A federated testbed can grow its user numbers by making its facility available to those already using OneLab testbeds in Europe and across the world, while the testbed owner has access to an extensive scientific community and the possibility of scientific gain through exchanging best practices and comparing results. In addition, federation can offer the latest in computer networking tools to the testbed's current users.

For further information about OneLab's federation offer see the testbed federation page.

See also the EmanicsLab website.