Free documentation for PlanetLab testbed administrators

Set up and run your own PlanetLab testbed

The OneLab operations team has made the PlanetLab Europe management-level documentation set available, useful for those who wish to create their own PlanetLab testbed. It aims to document the management processes for a PlanetLab system (such as PlanetLab Europe or a private PlanetLab) based on the OneLab build software.

The processes described include installation, platform updates and upgrades, and support procedures. This documentation set is available online on the PlanetLab Europe website and will be updated regularly as procedures are created, tuned or rendered obsolete.

The documentation set is also available in easy-to-print and use PDF format, and can be downloaded and consulted online:

Alternatively, the documentation is also available on an SVN repository:

Created by the OneLab Operations Team (UPMC, INRIA) in December 2010, this documentation is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License, see Appendix A for details.