MySlice presented at GEC12

The MySlice user interface has been presented as a demo implementation to an American audience at the 12th GENI Engineering Conference (GEC12), November 2-4 2011 in Kansas City, USA.

MySlice is a web-based resource management tool that makes it easier to list, filter, and attach resources made available through the SFA control framework, annotated with useful information from different monitoring sources. It exposes to the user static and dynamic information per node made available through various information sources such as CoMo or TopHat (e.g., reliability and utilization over time, geographic and network location, etc.). Further developments should bring support for information about links and path.

MySlice is already available to facilitate node management on the PlanetLab websites both in Europe and in the US, and now is being extended to support other test facilities connected through SFA. In the near future it will also offer real-time monitoring and callbacks, post-process, analysis and visualization of the results of experiments.

The Global Environment for Network Innovations (GENI) is a large research infrastructure based in the USA, a virtual laboratory, which aims to allow at-scale networking experimentation and facilitate communication between researchers, in order to envision and create new possibilities of future internets.

See the MySlice poster presented in the GEC12 demo session for further details PDF