Minimum Hardware Requirements

Booting from USB or CD-ROM

Nodes should support booting from a USB 2.0-based flash key. For security, only use a USB key that has a physical write-protected switch (e.g., Imation Pivot Flash, TwinMOS Mobile Disk Z4, or other). However, if your system does not support USB booting or you cannot find a write-protect USB, then as a minimum it must also have a CD-ROM drive that supports bootable CDs.

Minimum Hardware Requirements

Nodes must meet minimum PCU, CPU, RAM, and storage requirements:

PCU Built-in, remote-access power-reset capability, accessible from PLE, such as IntelAMT, HPiLO, DellRAC, IPMIv2, etc.


Multi-Core 64bit Intel compatible CPU(s)

Minimum requirement: Intel Xeon E3/E5 2+ cores

Suggested: Intel Xeon E5/E7 8+ cores



Suggested: 32GB or more


1TB+ of total disk storage

Minimum requirement: 500GB

Suggested disk capacity: 2TB or more

Optional: RAID configuration

Note: Linux KVM virtual machines are also supported provided they meet the specs

At least two nodes must meet the configurations mentioned in the table above. More are better. If you do not know whether your hardware meets the minimum requirements, or whether it is supported by Linux, we strongly recommend purchasing one of the known working hardware configurations listed below: